A Cinematic Escape

You are visiting the late and great director Alan Smithee’s private offices.  As a fan of movies and mystery, you realize there are clues and directions for a director’s cut of his last masterpiece, Remote Chance.  Decipher the clues and puzzles he left behind to create the director’s cut and make your escape! This game … Continue reading A Cinematic Escape

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Death’s Dimension

Can you escape from the Death Cult? A cult has opened a portal to another dimension. They have kidnapped you to sacrifice to some unspeakable horror on the other side. You have 30 minutes before the creature reaches from beyond and devours you. Lucky for you there are spirits of previous victims and a ritual … Continue reading Death’s Dimension

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Escape from the Time Travel Lab

Activate the time machine! You are trapped in the mysterious laboratory, where it has been said they study time travel. The door is closed and many hidden clues await you. You wonder if time travel is even possible. If you cannot find the key to open the exit, you will be dropped into a spatiotemporal … Continue reading Escape from the Time Travel Lab

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Spellbound Supper

“The power of magic is in your hands” Real Escape Game x Projection Mapping Use your puzzle-solving skills to conjure fantastical food in SCRAP’s first Projection Table Game! Whispers on the wind tell of a mystical dinner hosted by a powerful witch. Rumor has it great power lies in store for those who attend. But … Continue reading Spellbound Supper

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What is a Quadra Escape Game?


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There is potential for a new dynamic each time you play.

Every experience is unique!

Real Escape Games are real-life and interactive!

Try out all our games!


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It's dangerous to go alone.

Assemble a team!

Assemble a team of up to 11 players, or sign up with a smaller group and play with new friends!


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Puzzles will take many forms, and some will be tricky.

Don't let evil win!

Our puzzles are challenging but do-able, and there's always something for everyone!


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Looking for a good mental challenge?

This event is for you!

Our games are perfect for team building events! Collaboration, cooperation, and communication are essential.


"This was really fun and much harder than I thought it would be. Great activity for a group of friends.

- Cathy K.

"This was a blast. I plan on doing it again soon. The staff were friendly, planning the event was easy and the cost was worth every penny. See you soon!"

- Diana C

"My team loved it! It was challenging, but they were still able to solve many of the puzzles. Almost made it! The staff was very friendly and helpful as well!!!"

- Andoni J.

"This was absolutely the best corporate team building event I could have possible imagined...Nothing has even come close to being this good as a team building event in terms of fun, actual team building, and demonstration of real world principles....Some of the individuals were frustrated that we didn't escape, or were frustrated with some of the harder puzzles, but as the manager for this team - I LOVED IT. So, so, so good. What a powerful exercise! Amazing, thank you!!!"

- John W.


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