Want to give someone the gift of a unique and exciting experience? Say no more! We have gift cards galore. Nothing says “I love you, have a great birthday,” like locking someone in a room for an hour.

Admission at Quadra Escape Corp. is $29 per person when purchased online and $33 at the door. We recommend purchasing a gift card of $29 (x amount of people who might be invited) and encouraging the gift recipient to organize their game in advance through quadraescape.com.

  • Gift cards are valid only for Quadra Escape Corp. San Jose, and applicable for our Real Escape Games we offer.
  • Gift cards do not secure a date and time to play a specific game. The code on the gift cards will be redeemed through using the “Redeem” button.

If you have any questions please email us at support@quadraescape.com

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